Beautify SafeEntry Posters with Project #QRArt

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Beautify SafeEntry Posters with Project #QRArt

Scanning QR codes have become part and parcel of daily life. Even as restrictions ease, visitors to public places are still expected to check in and out via the SafeEntry web app. As queues start to return in Phase 2, there is an incentive for businesses to replace low fidelity QR code posters with more interesting ones.

Currently, most SafeEntry QR code posters look loud, fierce and are devoid of colour. They get the job done but are easily forgettable.

SafeEntry QR posters
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GOFY, a home-grown creative community which celebrates Southeast Asian art, wants to change this. Their latest project, #QRart, seeks to make QR scanning less of a chore and more of a visually delightful experience through illustrated posters.

Project QRart
A Reminder from Our Merlion by Quek Yu Qing, Our Animal Neighbours by Sandy Ang

The posters range from cute to inspiring, lifting our spirits as we adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Project QRart
Tapao by Patchaya Proud Khomna

Customising your poster is fairly simple: just download a template and insert your QR code before printing it.

There is much potential for this project to beautify our neighbourhoods. At the same printing cost, businesses can transform a mundane task into a fun and memorable one. It is one of those little things which make businesses stand out, which could go a long way in building brand equity. Artists also benefit, as each poster contains a short artist introduction and a link to their portfolio.

Over 12 posters by 9 artists have been uploaded to #QRart, and the collection continues to grow each day. If you would like to contribute your art, email lionelrichie@gof—

Let this project be a testament to local creativity in adversity.


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