Be Inspired Creatively. Escape the Mundane Reality.

Design In Singapore (DIS) is an exploration of local culture through the lens of design. Since 2017 via Branding Singapore, we have featured visual identities of local brands to inform and inspire. DIS is a continuation of this mission, with the inclusion of other design fields such as architecture and advertising.

DIS has 3 goals:

Demystify the design process

Like good design, good journalism does not discriminate; all are welcomed on this journey of discovery, regardless of prior design knowledge.

Promote the appreciation of good design

It is a joy to uncover hidden design gems, some of which are shockingly commonplace. All it takes is a change in perspective, and good design becomes visibly evident.

Document Singapore's design journey

Singapore has come a long way in its design journey, and DIS stands ready to facilitate and document the next chapter of Singaporean creativity through collaboration.

By achieving these goals, we hope to elevate the quality of design knowledge and discussion among Singaporeans.

Take a break from the hectic Singapore lifestyle. Welcome to your creative escape.