Design In Singapore: Your Creative Escape

Written by Darryl on
Design In Singapore: Your Creative Escape

Hello Singapore!

Welcome to Design In Singapore (DIS), an exploration of local culture through the lens of design.

As Singaporean designers continue to break new ground in their various fields, there is a growing need for a design-centric media platform. DIS strives to record history in the making and serve as a platform for celebrating good design, while demystifying the design process (more on DIS’ goals here).

This journey started in 2017 when I created Branding Singapore to share my views on local visual identities. 50 posts later, I found myself itching to write about other types of design, such as advertising campaigns and user experiences.

As the name suggests, DIS aims to cover as many design fields as possible. This can only succeed through collaborations, which I am looking forward to.

In the meantime, do visit DIS offshoot FLY RLCE, an art account which parodies local culture. More surprises are on the way, so be sure to follow the account!

I hope you will find this journey exciting, and experience design like you have never seen before.