Creative Weekly: How Food Brands Celebrated National Day 2023

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Creative Weekly: How Food Brands Celebrated National Day 2023

Makan (eating) is Singapore’s favourite pastime other than….well, complaining. To celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday, here is a look at what some food brands posted on August 9th, from the impressive to the unhinged.

Strike Toto


Thanks to years of advertising and being a limited edition burger many times, the Nasi Lemak burger has arguably become synonymous with Singapore’s birthday. If there is any burger that can pull off this sort of “birthday cake” post without making it look cringy or self-serving, it is this seasonal staple.

Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee singapore birthday

Homegrown curry puff brand Old Chang Kee cleverly snuck in their D24 Durian mochi Ball by placing them on top of the durian husk where the meat rests. This post shows that product placement does not need to be intrusive to be effective. Combining our love for durians and Japanese food truly makes this limited-edition snack a uniquely Singaporean creation.


kfc singapore birthday

Also promoting their August special is KFC with its Cereal Chicken, which combines spices, chillies, curry leaves and cereal. KFC created a crunchy silhouette of the iconic Toa Payoh Dragon Playground using the seasoning mix.

Sama Sama

These posts were inspired by the National Day Parade, from fireworks to the parade segment. They also look like carbon copies of each other.

Burger King

kfc singapore birthday

This was not just a celebratory post for Burger King - they airdropped Rendang burger vouchers for those at Marina Bay after the NDP fireworks segment. I wish I could say this idea was inspired by the Red Lions, but there was an airdrop giveaway at Times Square to celebrate the Whopper’s 65th birthday last year.


Wingstop sg birthday 1

If NDP fireworks could be sponsored, this post suggests that Wingstop might pay for chicken-scented ones.

The weirdest part is they could have just replaced the words on their August special post (which looks totally normal and cute) and called it a day.

Wingstop sg birthday 2


Marigold sg birthday

Sometimes I wonder if designers and social media marketers realise how bizarre these posts look.


Yakult sg birthday

This is hilarious. In fact, this post inspired the article.

Patriotic Mascots


Fatboy’s sg birthday

Fatboy’s posted a version of their logo where their mascot was dressed in the singlet with the Singapore flag design. The grouchy face still remained, staying true to our national mood especially in this weather. Fatboy’s also made other versions of the mascot for each annual holiday, including the Lunar New Year and Christmas.

Killiney Kopitiam

Killiney Kopitiam sg birthday

Killiney’s mascot, the classic kopi uncle, is regularly featured on the brand’s social media posts, including this one.


These are pretty much self-explanatory.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut sg birthday

4 Fingers

4 Fingers sg birthday

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Zermatt Neo’s producer really stacked the toasts to make them look like Marina Bay Sands.

Bonus: The Straits Times

ST is definitely not a food brand, but this photo is too weird not to be included.

The Straits Times sg birthday


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