April Fool's 2021: What's Real and what isn't?

Written by Darryl on
April Fool's 2021: What's Real and what isn't?

After brands unanimously cancelled their 2020 April Fool’s celebrations amid worldwide coronavirus lockdowns, the tradition of fake “coming soon” announcements came back in full force this year.

Sponsored April Fool’s posts started popping up on social media feeds a week before April 1st. Here are some notable ones:

Crusty’s Ache-Relieving Crisps

The local salted egg snacks brand wanted to take its tagline “Redefining Snacks” to the next level by introducing Medicated Ointment Scented Soy Skin Crisps. “Pop one in your mouth to relieve any muscle aches”, your aunties will testify to its effectiveness. The octagonal packaging is a not-so-subtle nod to the true miracle ointment brand Tiger Balm.

crustys Medicated Ointment Scented Soy Skin Crisps

On April 1st, Crusty’s revealed their true newest product offering - fried tau kee (soy skin crisps) without the medicated oil scent, because medicine has not progressed that far yet.

crustys Soy Skin Crisps

While the actual packaging design of the soy skin crisps looks like a step down from the April Fool’s version, fans will be pleased to know that Crusty’s printed 5 of the medicated oil scented packaging as giveaway prizes, so participate here if you want to own a piece of future medicine.

KFC Singapore’s Finger LiKING Fruit

The colonel might have sold durian if he had the opportunity to taste it then, it seems. KFC Singapore teased a new form of KFC bucket - one full of luscious, plump durians - that was “coming soon”.

kfc durian

Selling durians would not be the most ridiculous thing KFC has done. In 2019, KFC China sold Durian Chicken Nuggets to capitalise on the Chinese’s demand for the King of Fruits.

Back at home, KFC proclaimed last year that local fare is better with their signature cheese sauce.

kfc cheese sauce

Real products that probably should be April Fool’s Jokes

Some brands decided that April 1st was a good day to introduce unique offerings for real.

LiHo’s Sunny Side-Up Series

On March 31st, LiHo posted a comic of its lion mascot, now vexed at the suggestion of drinking bubble tea every other hour. The post asked fans to tag and expose celebrate their bubble tea-addicted friends to stand a chance of receiving a surprise from LiHo via direct message.

It turns out that their new “A Cup of Sunny Side Up” drinks series comes with a sunny side up egg each. Available for a month at “only” 30 outlets, I wonder if Singaporeans would dare try this interesting breakfast choice.

liho A Cup of Sunny Side Up

Then again, LiHo was the first brand to successfully convince many Singaporeans to love cheese tea, so eggy tea might just be the next big thing on bubble tea menus.

Brands did not do anything too drastic this year, and probbaly for a good reason since we are still living in a pandemic, but it is really becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether something is an April Fool’s joke or not.


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