Creative Weekly: Connect@Changi's Atas Interior, The Triumphant Arrival of Disney+, A New Budget Identity

In this creative weekly, we explore the no-quarantine business travel exchange Connect@Changi, Disney+’s extravagant launch here and the Budget’s new look.

Google Pay Huat Pals Campaign: My Huat Pals are Here

While local banks seem to have trouble encouraging Singaporeans to use e-angbaos this Lunar New Year, Google Pay users are exchanging money with friends and even acquaintances as part of...

SG Hawkerfest Campaign: Food is Art

The campaign to celebrate Singapore’s successful inscription of hawker culture in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List combines two things all Singaporeans love: free stuff and food.

Zhong Yuan Festival Branding: The Ghosts Must Be Tech-Savvy

The annual Hungry Ghost (also known as Zhong Yuan) Festival is a month-long spectacle of sights and sounds, but in light of social distancing regulations this year, many activities have...

Creative Weekly: August BTO Projects, Game-changing Spirit Storage, Art Inspired by Local Stories

In this creative weekly, we cover HDB’s August BTO launch, an eco-friendly way to store spirits and an arts campaign inspired by Singapore literature.

Creative Weekly: NS 'Square', Gallery and Co folds, Graphic Design Archive, An Evolution of Interracial Love

National Day news was a welcome distraction from the overdose of coronavirus coverage. For the first time, we have a creative weekly with only one coronavirus story!