Creative Weekly: Non-Essential Artists, Plastic Shields, Somerset Carpark Redevelopment

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Creative Weekly: Non-Essential Artists, Plastic Shields, Somerset Carpark Redevelopment

Note: Coronavirus stories still dominate the news cycle, which leaves little room for design-related ones. Until the situation returns to normal (or the ‘new normal’), Creative Weekly would be published fortnightly.

Artists are ‘Non-Essential’

artists non essential
First half of the controversial infographic(Source)

In a viral infographic circulated on social media, artists were found to have the least essential job, according to 1000 survey respondents.

The Straits Times article which carried this infographic was actually reporting on a totally different topic: that a majority of Singaporeans are willing to pay workers in essential services more. Nowhere in the written article did the journalist elaborate on the 5 non-essential jobs listed.

Artists reacted in the way they know best: through art.

Non-Essential Highnunchicken
Highnunchicken's perspective (Source)
Non-Essential merch singaplex
Singaplex is selling tees featuring these logo parodies (Source)

I have strong opinions about the infographic which I saved for an opinion piece here.

Anyway, this is what would happen if all ST artists were retrenched for being non-essential, brought to you by Microsoft Word:

flyrlce non essential
I make non-essential art here.

Making a Moove

When Phase 2 of Singapore’s economic reopening came into effect on 19th June, the dining-in ban was lifted and people could gather in groups of up to 5 people. As such, food establishments needed to reconfigure their safe distancing signs according to these new rules.

Lau Pa Sat masking tape removal
Tape removal at Lau Pa Sat (Source)

While some dining places removed their masking tape signs up to the fifth seat on the table (yikes at the stains), others invested in plastic shields which could make the dine-in experience safer. 50 tables of Thompson Plaza’s Koufu currently feature plastic shields sponsored by Moove Media as part of a month-long trial to test its effectiveness.

moove media koufu plastic shields

Eateries are not the only places walling up - Moove Media’s trial is also taking place on ComfortDelgro taxis. The plastic shield fitted in taxis are softer than the ones in Koufu, and they feature a slot to facilitate transactions between the driver and passenger.

moove media ComfortDelgro taxis plastic shields

Looks like plastic is set to become the new tape.

Somerset Carpark to Transform into a ‘Rojak’ Events Space

Grange Road carpark DP Architects

Come 2022, the plot once known as Grange Road carpark would be transformed into an ambitious events space, designed by DP Architects.

Landlease Reit, which also manages the neighbouring 313 Somerset, hopes this space would breathe new life into an increasingly deserted Orchard Road.

The planned space boosts influential local and international tenants, including live entertainment company Live Nation and film theatre The Projector. An artistinal hawker concept is also thrown into the mix. How DP Architects managed to fit everything into a carpark-sized plot of land deserves an award in itself.

Grange Road carpark DP Architects artist impression

As we enter into the era of experiential shopping, this space looks poised for the future.

Bonus: The Story behind Tanglin Gin’s Cranberry Gin Packaging

Tanglin Cranberry Gin packaging

Kiilat Creative recently launched a design channel to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their design process. Their first video explores how they created the packaging design for the limited batch Cranberry Tanglin Gin, from brief to finish. Alcohol tastes much better when it comes in a delightful package.


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